Thursday, May 31, 2007


Good news, true believers, CENTO BINGO happened! Wed. 5/23 at 8PM in the Brighton neighborhood of Cincinnati, OH, and it was a roaring success. Roar.

The two inaugural games took place at editor Brett Price's apartment/disco, and Matt Hart called them. Also in attendance for both the centos and the dancing that followed were: Kristi Maxwell, Michael Rerick, Cindy King, Scott Dennis, Christian Schmit, Ruth Wartman, Laura Alich, Mike Vallera, and Katie Koga.

Kristi Maxwell won game #1, and Cindy King won game #2. Look for their winning Centos and also the new poems they're making using their winnings as material in upcoming CENTO BINGO posts.

It'll be soon, we swear.

Questions about Cento Bingo, or about how to host your own Cento Bingo games can be posted as comments to this blog.

Thanks to everybody who attended the Brighton event!

--The Cento Bingo Editorial Team

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