Friday, June 8, 2007

CENTO BINGO: GAME #1 WINNER: Kristi Maxwell!

Ladies and gents, we are pleased to unveil the results of Cento Bingo Game #1. Below are both the game winning cento and also an all new and wholly original re-working of that poem by winner Kristi Maxwell. Please check out Kristi's notes on her cento revision process too, and stay tuned for the results of game #2!

Game #1: Brett Price’s apartment Brighton, Cincinnati 5/23/07
WINNER: Kristi Maxwell


I have the rages that small animals have.
It is a sultry day the sun has drunk.
Thank you for giving me this battleship to wash.
Sorrow’s springs are the same—
and, with a shout, collecting coat hangers.

1. Paulette Jiles from “Paper Matches”
2. William Cullen Bryant from “Summer Wind”
3. Kenneth Koch from "Thank You"
4. Gerard Manley Hopkins from “Spring and Fall”
5. Kenneth Koch from “When the Sun Tries to Go On”



I clean my rage with rags small animals have been made into.
Sulk-day. Sun-dame the thermometer accosts and crams
into the mercury corset. (Our course set by “how
warm?”—we accomplice.) Thank you for giving
me this battle. Thank you for shipping me
this wish. Marrow springs from the bone. Pain as the bangs
that cover so well the forehead of “So?” –
and, with a shout, equating oat with anger.
I asked how to unfill what you feel.
To insert a plus-sign where one is not.

Kristi's Note:

The modified lines are first a practice in translation via misrecognition (both visually and phonically), followed by an iron laid to skin and blisters that needed names. I enjoy discovering what two words beside each other secretly harbor, like characters in a Victorian novel, and misrecognition is one productive map toward such discovery. And, yes, booby-traps! So climbing out of the line, slipping sometimes, not so much at others.


Kristi Maxwell enjoys making guacamole and asparagus soup. She is the author of Realm Sixty-Four (forthcoming from Ahsahta Press) and an admirer of The Little Prince.

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